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5 Ridiculous Modern Fashions With Badass Historical Origins

cheap childrens jordans shoes High heels weren’t even created for ladies. Not only were they the exclusive domain of men, but they were the exclusive domain of the manliest of men: soldiers. cheap childrens jordans shoes

cheap jordans for adults “The high heel was worn for centuries throughout the Near East as a form of riding footwear,” according to Elizabeth Semmelhack from Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum. It started in Persia, where horseback warriors found it difficult to maintain their cheap jordans on sale stance while shooting superonsalemall.com their bows and arrows. They created shoes with a defined notch into which the stirrup would slide, allowing them to balance properly on their horses while standing. cheap jordans for adults

cheap jordans under 40 dollars When Persia embarked on its first diplomatic mission to Western Europe in the 16th century, the royals they met were delighted by these novelties. They added their own fashionable twist by increasing the height of the heels to let everyone know that the wearers were people of status who couldn’t be bothered with common things like walking very far or functioning correctly in society. Women really only started wearing them when it became fashionable to dress androgynously. cheap jordans under 40 dollars

cheap jordan 11 shoes It turns out there was plenty of substance to this stupid style. cheap jordan 11 shoes

Tennis player Rene Lacoste, aka the alligator logo guy, is credited with the invention of the polo shirt, which caused quite a stir when it was introduced in 1926. You see, tennis players used to be restricted to uncomfortable and impractical attire: heavy, long sleeved oxford shirts, starched to roughly the same stiffness as a rich white dude’s butthole at an ethnic comedy show.”I’ll keep the hat. I’m not a savage.”

buy cheap jordan shoes Rene didn’t enjoy playing tennis in a set of cloth armor, so he set out to make cheap nike shoes a lightweight, well ventilated, short sleeved shirt that would actually have some functionality for a person who swings his arms cheap air jordan around in the glaring sun for hours at a time. A key component of his design cheap air force was a cheap adidas flexible collar that could be propped up to protect the player’s neck from the sun. That’s right: The first popped collar was not only intentional, but practical. buy cheap jordan shoes

cheap jordans 45 dollars The practice of wearing your polo shirt with the collar folded down didn’t catch on until the wealthy spectators, to whom avoiding the outdoors was a raison d’etre, adopted the style. The guy with the popped collar is technically cheap jordans sale doing it right and you, gentle soul rocking through life with cheap jordans for sale collar modestly flat, are emulating a bunch of clueless rich jerkwads. cheap jordans 45 dollars

cheap jordans under 30 dollars Topical cheap Air max shoes Press Agency / Stringer / Getty cheap jordans under 30 dollars

cheap air jordan sneakers cheap jordans sale “The solution to this cheap jordans china problem lies in the heart of douchekind. cheap air jordan sneakers

cheap jordans for sale If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.” Rene Lacoste cheap jordans for sale

cheap retro jordans size 9 Since the late ’70s, the mohawk has been the hairstyle of choice for informing The Man that you will conform only to the standards of people who like the same music as you. That’s just common sense.” cheap retro jordans size 9

cheap jordans under 60 dollars The weren’t doing it as a symbol of defiance. cheap yeezys They pioneered the hairstyle because they were just plain sick of folks ripping their scalps off their heads. To combat the growing practice of snatching enemy scalps in battle, which was generally performed by making an incision around the hairline and gripping the hair to yank off the scalp, the would pluck the hair from the sides of their heads, leaving only a 3 or 4 inch strip at the crown cheap jordans online of the head, which would typically be separated into cheap jordans from china three locks that would then be braided or otherwise decorated. This ensured that there wouldn’t be enough hair at the hairline to lift the sides of the scalp away from the incision.”Plus it concealed my receding hairline, which did wonders for my self esteem.” cheap jordans under 60 dollars

cheap jordans legit Makeup trends come and go, but classic black eyeliner is here to stay. cheap jordans free shipping But we all know that makeup is nothing more than pretty frosting on a sex cake. What practical purpose could painting your face possibly serve? cheap jordans legit

cheap but real jordans You’ve probably heard the rumor that Cleopatra invented eyeliner, which of course isn’t true, but it did all begin in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians weren’t making themselves up just to feel pretty, however, but to reduce the glare of the harsh African sun on their eyes. Ever watched a football game? It’s the same reason the players smear grease paint on their cheeks. cheap but real jordans

cheap jordans us Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images cheap jordans us

cheap jordans 11 low “He didn’t even notice. I spent a lot of time on this, dick.” cheap jordans 11 low

cheap nikes and jordans There’s also quite a bit of evidence that the eyeliner served a cheap jordans in china medicinal purpose. In ye olden days, bacterial eye infections ran rampant, and cheap jordan sneakers the eyeliner was helpful for keeping flies and other nasties out of your seeing bits. Furthermore, researchers have recently discovered the addition of lead salts in the eye makeup of ancient Egyptians. It was a puzzling find, because the salts required a painstaking process to create, and lead is cheap jordans shoes generally pretty low on the list of things a reasonable person wants to poke in their eye. Then the researchers did some tests on the salts and found that they were pretty damn effective at killing bacteria cheap nikes and jordans.

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