The forest is home to species such as the coconut crab

Chumbe Island champions marine conservation

piumini moncler outlet At first, the island was just a blur on the horizon; a low, gray smudge on which I fixed my gaze in the hopes of keeping myself from losing my outlet moncler breakfast over the side of the boat. The morning mist had turned to rain, and the steely blue swells outside our wooden vessel were getting bigger as we cruised away from Zanzibar, the island from which we were venturing even further afield. piumini moncler outlet

piumini moncler saldi We were heading toward Chumbe, a sliver of moncler outlet serravalle coral reef and jungle that sits in the Indian Ocean about 20 miles off the coast of mainland Tanzania. But, small as it may be, Chumbe is breaking ground in marine conservation. The island was going to be our home for the next three days, and I (and my stomach) couldn’t wait to get there. piumini moncler saldi

By the time our guide turned off the boat’s engine, the sun had emerged and the ocean had transformed into a peaceful lagoon that shimmered a miraculous shade of turquoise. Following the half dozen other passengers off the boat, my husband and I jumped into knee deep water and waded the few yards to the shore, taking care not to step on the shells that littered the sand.

moncler outlet online shop A true solitary escape: no more than 16 visitors are allowed on tiny Chumbe Island, Tanzania, at any time. There are no power lines and no roads. (Paige McClanahan) moncler outlet online shop

And there we were: Chumbe, said to be the world’s first privately managed marine protected area and still the only one in Africa. Being piumini moncler uomo private, Chumbe doesn’t get any government money; its conservation work is funded by the visitors, like us, who come to the island to relax and get a close up look at one of the most pristine coral reefs in East Africa.

moncler bambino outlet All of this we learned during our first briefing with members of Chumbe’s staff, just after we got off the boat. We and the other guests some of whom were visiting for moncler outlet online uomo the day, others, like us, overnight piled onto brightly colored sofas on the veranda of Chumbe’s main building, a high ceilinged structure made of local timber and coconut leaves that serves as restaurant, visitors center and head office. moncler bambino outlet

In line with its status as a conservation area, piumini moncler outlet Chumbe has some strict rules, we were told. A maximum of 16 guests are allowed on the island at any time. Fishing and scuba diving are both forbidden, as is shell collecting, which I piumini moncler admit I was slightly disappointed to hear. But we were actively encouraged to explore the reef the old fashioned way: with flippers and a snorkel.

moncler outlet online uomo And so we did at least half a dozen times during our stay. On our first moncler uomo venture into the water, I stuck close to our guide, who introduced himself as Matata, since I figured he would know where to find everything good. But I didn’t need any guidance, it turned out. moncler outlet online uomo

moncler outlet Chumbe Island became the world’s first privately managed marine protected area in the mid 1990s. (Paige McClanahan) moncler outlet

moncler outlet trebaseleghe As moncler saldi uomo soon moncler outlet trebaseleghe as I stuck my head underwater, I was face to face with a maze of corals that were branching, ballooning, or just waving in the gentle current. It felt like I was swimming through an underwater botanical garden, with the coral flowers blooming salmon pink, mustard yellow, a deep maroon. And then there were the fish. Schools of glimmering damselfish moncler donna hung lazily in the water so tame that I could almost swim into them. Matata moncler saldi pointed out sea cucumbers, angelfish, sea urchins and an octopus, and I spotted a neon flecked stingray gliding along the seafloor. It was another world, and I was happily lost in it, the water so warm I could have spent hours exploring. moncler outlet trebaseleghe

moncler saldi At one point, a sharp tap on my shoulder made me jump. I turned to see Matata jabbing his finger into the hazy blue distance. I squinted through my snorkel mask but saw only light and shadow. moncler saldi

piumini moncler “Did you see it?” he said, resurfacing with a splutter a moment later. “The shark! It was just over there.” piumini moncler

moncler outlet serravalle It was a blacktip reef shark, Matata later explained, a species that is apparently fairly common along the East African coast. He assured me that the sharks didn’t pose a threat to humans. But still, the idea of sharing the water with such a predator gave me the shivers. moncler outlet serravalle

piumini moncler scontatissimi It didn’t scare us away, though; we were back for more later in the afternoon. There was just so much to see. piumini moncler scontatissimi

moncler donna Indeed, the 74 acre protected area is home to more than 400 species of fish and 200 species of hard coral 90 percent of the marine biodiversity that can be found in all of East Africa. The managers of Chumbe have worked hard to protect their little patch of ocean, and for good reason. moncler donna

piumini moncler uomo In the waters around nearby Zanzibar, overfishing and booming tourist numbers are causing long term damage to fragile marine ecosystems. Globally, climate change which is increasing the acidity of the oceans, as well as the temperature is taking an enormous toll on coral reefs and the species that inhabit them. piumini moncler uomo

moncler saldi outlet “People don’t talk about pristine reefs anymore because there are hardly any left,” Ulli Kloiber, Chumbe’s manager of conservation and education, moncler bambino outlet told me during a chat on the veranda of the main building. moncler saldi outlet

Dense coral rag forest covers the interior of Chumbe Island. The forest is home to species such as the coconut crab. (Paige McClanahan)

moncler bambino saldi The waters around Chumbe were still relatively untouched when the protected area was established in the mid ’90s, Kloiber explained. The Tanzanian military had owned the island for a time but hadn’t made much use piumini moncler scontatissimi of it. Otherwise, Chumbe had simply been a stop moncler outlet online shop off point for fishermen trolling the waters between the mainland and Zanzibar, a semiautonomous region of Tanzania; the island’s lack of fresh water kept away any potential long term inhabitants. The only buildings were a piumini moncler saldi lighthouse and a small mosque that had been built by British colonizers around the turn of the 20th century. moncler bambino saldi

So setting up the conservation area was relatively straightforward, Kloiber told me the island was pretty much empty. Today, Chumbe’s educational and conservation activities are managed by Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd., a not for profit company known as CHICOP that’s owned by a German woman named Sibylle Riedmiller. She was the one who arranged for the land and its surrounding waters to be leased from the government of Zanzibar; Riedmiller is still the owner of CHICOP, although she is no longer based on the island.

Riedmiller and her staff started off by putting rangers on the island and working with local fishing communities to educate them about the reef and its inhabitants. They soon started to reach out to local high schools, inviting students to the island at no cost to learn about the reef, and experience it firsthand. Both of those outreach programs are still active, with all of the work moncler bambino saldi funded by tourists’ visits.

moncler saldi uomo “At the beginning, of course, it was quite tough, because the browse around this web-site moncler outlet fishing communities had no idea what a marine protected area was or what the benefits [of conservation] were,” said Kloiber, adding moncler outlet that there isn’t even a word for “coral” in the local language of Swahili. moncler saldi uomo

moncler uomo A local fishing boat, known as a dhow, sits in the waters off of Chumbe. The island’s conservation staff works with local communities to encourage sustainable fishing practices. They still spot poachers about four or five times each year, Kloiber tells me, but that’s much less moncler saldi outlet frequent than it used to be. moncler uomo

Indeed, after two decades of conservation work, Chumbe’s reef is now one of the best protected in the region. Species like sea urchins and parrotfish have been fished out of other reefs in the area, but they’re still thriving in the waters around Chumbe.

But there’s more to the island than just the reef, as we were happy to discover on the second day of our visit. Swapping our flippers for sandals, we took a guided walk through the island’s interior. Chumbe is covered in dense forest that sits on a layer of jagged, fossilized coral, known as “coral rag.” The forest is home to 75 tree species, including the storied African baobab, one of which soars majestically above the otherwise low canopy. We learned about local fauna, including a (nonvenomous) lime green tree snake and the 16 inch coconut crab, the world’s largest land dwelling arthropod.

outlet moncler In the evenings, we wandered back to our seaside bungalow to relax and shower before dinner, a generous buffet heavy on seafood and spices. Shaped like a giant, upside down clam and constructed of the same local timber and coconut leaves as the main building, our little house was straight out of “Swiss Family Robinson.” Like everything else on the island, Chumbe’s bungalows which use only solar power, have pit latrines and harvest rainwater for the showers and sink were designed to minimize any environmental impacts. It seemed perfectly fitting that we shared our little jungle cottage with a clutch of hermit crabs that had set up house under the front steps. outlet moncler

It’s all in keeping with what Kloiber describes as a “green line” that runs through everything that’s done on Chumbe the fundamental commitment to conservation that underlies how the project was designed and how it continues to be run. Conservation is their focus, but tourism is their lifeblood, Kloiber tells me.

It hurts me to deny my son something he wants because of

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Arsenal, Ludogoret, Leverkusen, Athletico Bilbao si Malmo s-au calificat in grupele Ligii Campionilor

631831-tag-reuters.com0000-binary-gm1ea8s08nr01-viewimageAstăzi s-au jucat 5 meciuri importante în returul play-off-ului Ligii Campionilor. Arsenal, Ludogoreţ, Leverkusen, Athletico Bilbao şi Malmo s-au calificat în grupele celei mai importante competiţii intercluburi.

Ludogoreţ – Steaua (în tur 0-1) 1-0, 6-5 la PENALTY-URI
Penalty-uri reuşite: Moţi, Hamza, Junior, Marcelinho, Dyakov, Espinho / Keşeru, Szukala, Adi Popa, Varela, Prepeliţă
Penalty-uri ratate: Wanderson / Pîrvulescu, Rîpă
Marcator: Wanderson 90′

Ludogoreţ: Stoyanov – Junior, Moţi, Terziev, Minev – Fabio Espinho, Dyakov – Misidjan, Marcelinho, M. Aleksandrov – Bezjak
Rezerve: Čvorović, Choco, Anicet Abel, Dani Abalo, Zlatinski, Wanderson, Hamza.

Steaua: Arlauskis – Rîpă, Szukala, Varela, Latovlevici – Breeveld, Prepeliţă – Ad. Popa, L. Sînmărtean, Cr. Tănase – Keşeru
Rezerve: Cojocaru – Filip, Iancu, Stanciu , Pîrvulescu, Neagu, Vîlceanu

Arsenal  – Beşiktaş  (în tur 0-0) 1-0 FINAL
Marcator: Alexis Sanchez 45+1′

Arsenal: Szczesny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Wilshere, Ox, Flamini, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis.

Beşiktaş: Tolga, İsmail, Franco, Motta, Olcay, Atiba, Ersan, Veli, Mustafa, Oğuzhan, Ba.

Leverkusen  – FC Copenhaga (în tur 3-2) 4-0 FINAL
Marcatori: Son Heung-Mi 2′, Calhanoglu 7′, Stefan Kiessling (penalty) 31′, 66′

Leverkusen: Leno, Jedvaj, Toprak, Spahic, Boenisch, Castro, Rolfes, Calhanoglu, Son, Bellarabi, Kießling

Copenhaga: Andersen, Hogli, Bengtsson, Antonsson, M Jorgensen, Claudemir, Delaney, Kadrii, Cornelius, Toutouh, Amankwaa

Athletic Bilbao – Napoli (în tur 1-1) 3-1 FINAL
Marcatori: Aduriz 61′, 69′, Ibai 74′ / Hamsik 47′

Bilbao: Iraizoz, Laporte, Balenziaga, Beñat, Iturraspe, de Marcos, Susaeta, Rico, Gurpegi, Muniain, Aritz Aduriz

Napoli: Rafael, Maggio, Albiol, Koulibaly, Ghoulam; Jorginho, Gargano; Mertens, Hamsik, Callejon; Higuain

Malmo – Salzburg  (în tur 1-2) 3-0 FINAL
Marcatori: Rosenberg M. (penalty) 11′ 84′, Eriksson 19′

Malmo: Olsen, Tinnerholm, Helander, Johansson, Konaté; Halsti, Eriksson, Adu; Forsberg, Rosenberg, Thelin

Salzburg: Gulácsi, Schwegler, Ankersen, Ramalho, Ilsanker, Kampl, Mané, N. Keïta, Soriano, Alan, Bruno


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Neither one of the candidates accurately represents me; I am a

Another added: ‘Your freckles are absolutely amazing, your scars telling stories, like mine do. Never hate your own body for something that only God gave you. This post is so positive in all ways. I was on my way home in the morning after doing some photography when I saw a larger gaggle of geese on one such spot on a lake. I quickly assembled my drone and flew above them at a height of 15 to 20 metres where they were not disturbed by the equipment. They were swimming nonchalantly, some flew off, others had just arrived at the lake.

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Canada Goose Parka We’ve all tried to pick up the pieces. We’ve all cried. We’ve all watched the happy couples around us, wondering what the hell went wrong and why we canada goose uk site haven’t found that yet. According to Korea agro Fisheries Food Trade Corporation on Tuesday, the average retail prices of egg soared to 7,959 won for a 30 egg pack from 5,350 won a year ago. Prices have risen by 42% in one year. Due to the outbreak of bird flu last winter, about 25.18 million birds or 36 percent of South Korea’s poultry stock, were killed. Canada Goose Parka

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Canada Goose Jackets “He’s (Hogg) always energetic, and it’s fun bowling with him. He really boosts you to do well at the other end canada goose outlet winnipeg address that really happened today. The way he started, giving away just two runs and picking up a wicket, from the other end, it was just about keeping it tight,” said Chawla (2/21) in the post match press conference after KKR thrashed Daredevils by nine wickets in an Indian Premier League match on Sunday.. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose deals Certainly being in Saskatoon there was a lot canada goose outlet florida of great people as well but it really just seems close knit. It a place that you going to call home for a while. Got his first official taste of life in Swift Current during the interview process. Walz, who represents southern Minnesota small cities and rural areas in Congress, has tried to leverage Flanagan appeal to progressive groups in the Twin canada goose outlet woodbury Cities. The leader in fundraising on the DFL side, he has touted his ability to win votes in his congressional district and in other parts of greater Minnesota. He argues that the DFL best shot is a candidate who could harness the party traditional turnout advantage in the Twin Cities while holding their own in the more Republican leaning canada goose outlet near me remainder of the state.. canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket HomeTVAnt and Dec’s Saturday Night TakeawayWhat is Ant and Dec’s net worth? Inside the comedy duo’s partnershipTo date, the cheeky chappies have graced our screens on the Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, I’m A Celebrity and much more, and in the process have racked in an impressive fortune17:34, 7 JUN 2018Updated12:54, 28 JUN 2018Get celebs updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailAnt canada goose outlet orlando and Dec have a career spanning over 25 years , beginning on Byker Grove, moving onto an ill fated attempt at pop music and finishing with the widely successful TV presenting they now do.They met on set of Byker Groove, and are both 42 years old, hailing from Newcastle.Their on screen chemistry was so good that they became friends in real life and the rest is history. They even live on the same street in Chiswick, West London.As well as delighting British viewers, they won awards from the Royal Television Society and have won 34 National Television Awards the most successful recipients ever.With that canada goose outlet germany being said, they must have amassed a considerable fortunate after their success.Read on to find out the duo’s net worth.What is Ant and Dec’s net worth? Their current net worth is estimated to be around million each.The deal with ITV in 2007, which makes their shows, was worth around million and the deal in 2016 is rumoured to be worth million.The pair use their money wisely, investing in property and canada goose outlet boston they both own portfolios worth around million combined.They are also apparently insured against each other’s death, worth around However, goose outlet canada due to his divorce from wife Lisa Armstrong, Ant could lose some of his fortune.How did they meet?They first met on the set of Byker Grove, in 1990.Dec played Duncan Discover More , whilst Any played a character called PJ. Dec was on the show slightly longer than Ant, beginning in 1989 whilst Ant joined in 1990.As their friendship developed in real life, their chemistry became irresistible and they moved into comedy presenting after a rather surprising detour.A brief pop career They launched a pop career in 1994, known as PJ Duncan, named after canada goose outlet parka their Byker Grove characters.However, their talents clearly lay elsewhere and their record label decided not to renew their contract in 1997.The gregarious Geordie’s didn’t let this disappointment stop them moving onto bigger and better things buy canada goose jacket.

Bring a friend, a lawn chair or mat and lunch

Island cheap jordans shoes Events

cheap jordans youth size at the Historic Kaahumanu Church in Wailuku. Roselani Place will provide fresh baked cookies, coffee and water. Relax cheap air force under the monkeypod tree. Bring a friend, a lawn chair or mat and lunch. For more information, call 871 7720. cheap jordans youth size

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cheap jordans women’s shoes Beginning tonight and running through July 4, Jazz Maui 2018 East Meets West Festival features a series of concerts featuring renowned artists, community and student performers and hands on music and dance workshops with visiting artists all designed to encourage cross cultural collaborations in a variety of traditional and original styles. The festival kicks off with two classes at King Kekaulike High School Band Room. is a workshop that will go where it needs to go covering sound, listening, storytelling, scales, sequencing, air support, jazz history and more. The classes are free, cheap jordans from china registration is required. For more information about cheap jordans for sale the festival schedule or to register, call 283 3576 cheap jordans women’s shoes.

Barça a oferit 60 de milioane pentru un fotbalist al Realului! Jucătorul vrea să plece de la Madrid!

631031-2013-12-08t141832z-516783002-gm1e9c81ppe01-rtrmadp-3-soccer-world-draw-realFC Barcelona e în criză de timp în ceea ce priveşte transferurile, după decizia FIFA, care a respins apelul făcut de clubul catalan. Astfel, formaţia lui Luis Enrique va avea interzis pe piaţa transferurilor pînă în 2016!

Presa spaniolă scrie că un reprezentant al clubului i-a oferit 60 de milioane de euro lui Florentino Perez pentru Angel di Maria, 26 ani. S-au lovit însă de refuzul categoric al oficialului “blanco”. Barcelona a vrut să profite de neînţelegerile dintre madrileni şi fotbalistul argentinian, dar echipa din capitala Spaniei nu a vrut să negocieze.

Angel di Maria cîştigă acum 3 milioane de euro pe sezon şi vrea 8 milioane de euro!, dar Florentino Perez nici nu vrea să audă, astfel că impresarul jucătorului îi caută echipă. Chiar antrenorul Realului, Carlo Ancelotti, a recunoscut divergenţele: “Di Maria a cerut să fie lăsat să plece în această vară şi a refuzat oferta clubului nostru de reînnoire a contractului”.

Cine este adversara Simonei Halep în primul tur al US Open

simona-halep.4r35d9mceoUPDATE Simona Halep, locul 2 WTA şi cap de serie numărul 2, va juca împotriva americancei Danielle Rose Collins, în primul tur al US Open. Românca şi americanca se vor întâlni în premieră.

Danielle Rose Collins, fără loc WTA, fostă ocupantă a poziţiei 553, a primit un wild card. Dacă va accede în sferturi, Simona Halep ar putea-o întâlni din nou pe Maria Șarapova.

Românca a fost desemnată cap de serie numărul 2 la US Open, ultimul turneu de Grand Slem al anului, potrivit unui anunţ publicat pe site-ul oficial al turneului, care va debuta luni, pe terenurile de la Flushing Meadows din New York.

Este pentru prima dată la o competiție de această anvergură când o sportivă din România se numără între primele două favorite. Principala favorită este americanca Serena Williams, ocupanta locului 1 mondial, iar finalista din ultimii doi ani, Victoria Azarenka din Belarus, este cap de serie numărul 16.

Lista capilor de serie US Open 2014

1. Serena Williams (SUA)
2. Simona Halep (România)
3. Petra Kvitova (Cehia)
4. Agnieszka Radwanska (Polonia)
5. Maria Sharapova (Rusia)
6. Angelique Kerber (Germania)
7. Eugenie Bouchard (Canada)
8. Ana Ivanovic (Serbia)