Vezi cum arata masina antrenorului Reghecampf. Rolls Royce de 850.000 de euro

Laurenţiu Reghecampf se poate considera un om fericit! Are un salariu de milioane la Al Hilal, iar arabii se pregătesc să-i facă un cadou pe patru roţi. De curînd, fostul antrenor al Stelei s-a fotografiat cu un Rolls Royce Wraith, bolid ce costă 850.000 de euro.

Minunăţia în care s-a fotografiat antrenorul lui Al Hilal este considerată cea mai performantă maşină făcută de Rolls Royce. Are un motor de 6,6l şi un motor V12.

VEZI si tu in continuare cum arata Rolls-ul lui Reghe.



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Actually, I have no idea what is going on in between the covers of Iron Man Legacy. I don even know if it an on going or just a miniseries! (And even if you didn all probably know my comics buying habits by now, let me tell you that I usually don pick up an Iron Man comic, even under the best of circumstances. Even when money/availablity aren options, I still wouldn be reading this!).

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Choosing a motorcycle that suits your body size and can carry the amount of equipment needed for the time and distance you intend traveling is your main priority. The following information is mainly dealing with choosing a motorcycle for your holiday and touring needs. However, it is still appropriate no matter what you are buying your motorbike for.

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Exista o multima de instrumente destinate fitness-ului. Acestea sunt folosite pentru a ajuta performarea unui anumit exercitiu. Un exemplu al produselor de acest gen sunt balance board-urile. Dupa cum se poate remarca si in imaginea de mai sus, sunt folosite pentru a perfectiona anumite exercitii .

Poate fi folosita ca si cum ar fi un skateboard in felul in care cel ce o foloseste este pozitionat pe aparat, si trebuie sa isi mentina echilibrul, in acest fel isi incordeaza muschii picioarelor si isi dezvolta si starea de echilibru. Totodata pot fi folosite pentru fandari, permitand astfel o pozitie cat mai fixa, in acest fel fiind sigur ca nu sunt facute gresit. Placa poate fi pusa atat sub piciorul din spate cat si sub cel din fata, la fel si in cazul fandarilor laterale.

Magazine recomandate de noi: ;

Pe langa acestea se folosesc pentru flotari, palmele fiind pozitionate pe placa, existand posibilitatea de a fi mai departate ori mai apropiate, stimuland in profunzime diferiti muschi ai corpului, in special cei ai bratelor si spatelui. Poate fi folosita pentru flotari stand si sub picioare, obligand utilizatorul sa isi tina picioarele mai incordate decat deobicei. Multi dintre oamenii ce folosesc aceste placi sunt incantati de ele.

Benzile de alergare

Benzile de alergare de altfel sunt niste aparate din domeniul fitness-ului destul de populare. Acestea sunt intalnite in salile special amenajate pentru exercitii fizice, in diferite hoteluri, sau chiar in casele oamenilor ce prefera sa duca o viata mai sanatoasa. Practic, aceste benzi simuleaza ideea omului de alergare, permitandu-i sa faca asta intr-un loc special amenajat, la orice ora si in orice ipostaza a vremii.

Pe langa asta sunt si mai comode, cel putin unele dintre ele, deoarece au un loc de care oamenii se pot tine, pentru un exercitiu mai relaxant. Un alt beneficiu al acestor benzi de alergare fata de simplul alergat e ca la aceste masini se poate regla manual viteza cu care se doreste sa se alerge pe acesta, ori poate fi programata sa fie folosita pana cand se ard un numar stabilit de calorii.

Pe langa acestea acest aparat monitorizeaza ritmul cardiac al utilizatorului. Pot masura ele viteza cu care utilizatorul alearga, se pot totodata pune mai multe programe de care aceste benzi dispun si masoara si inclinatia. Aceste benzi pot fi pliabile in cazul in care cineva doreste sa achizitioneze un astfel de aparat pentru acasa, in acest fel fiind mai usor de depozitat.

Exercitiile pe benzile de alergare sunt denumite ,,cardio”. Ele ofera in afara de cesterea masei musculare oferta de a slabi intr-un timp mai scurt evitand anumite reactii ale slabitului precoce, si totodata ajuta organismul.

Nimeni nu va spune vreodata ca fitness-ul este rau, si intotdeauna va fi una dintre metodele oamenilor de a slabi, ori chiar de a se mentine in forma, pentru faptul ca pe langa aceste beneficii, multi considera ca exercitiile de acest gen sunt relaxante.

In concluzie, in cazul in care cineva doreste sa slabeasca sau sa se mentina intr-o anumita stare fizica, sau chiar sa isi stimuleze organismul pentru ai creste imunitatea, trebuie sa apeleze la fitness, si la aparatele ce sunt folosite in domeniu.

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Our panel of top hair stylists, makeup artists, dermatologists, and wellness experts have test-driven the products you see here on photo shoots, red carpets, and runway shows—as well as everyday clients and patients. Each Green Star must be powered by natural ingredients; be free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates; and be sustainable (that means responsibly sourced palm oil and no petrochemicals).The Jury:Annie Chiu, MD (dermatologist, Redondo Beach, CA); Mona Gohara, MD (dermatologist, Danbury, CT); James Corbett (hair stylist; owner of James Corbett Studio, New York, NY); Elisabeth Lovell (hair stylist; co-owner of Whiteroom, Brooklyn, NY); Jessa Blades (makeup artist; founder of Blades Natural Beauty); Amber Dreadon (makeup artist, Los Angeles, CA); Jenn Bandier (fitness entrepreneur; founder of Bandier activewear); Amanda Chantal Bacon (wellness expert; founder of L.A. wellness chain Moon Juice, Los Angeles, CA)

“Love. This. Stuff,” says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, of ultrablack Physicians Formula Organic Wear Natural Mascara, with soothing cucumber and aloe. “Volumizing, lengthening, and hypoallergenic? Music to my eyes.”

Makeup artist Jessa Blades says that Fat and the Moon Eye Coal, which contains just three ingredients—sunflower oil, black oxide powder, and beeswax—is an “excellent choice to achieve that effortless smoky eye,” whether applied with a finger or a brush.

The lipstick that has been awarded more than any other in Green Stars history, Ilia Lipstick, rich with sesame and rose hip oils, has “a semimatte finish that still looks natural and soft,” says fitness entrepreneur Jenn Bandier.

When swept across the cheeks high quality replica handbag , bridge of the nose, chin, and forehead with a powder brush, moisturizing coconut oil–based Tata Harper bronzer imparts a “beachy, luminous effect” that’s subtle enough for everyday wear, says makeup artist Amber Dreadon.

Beach essential EIR Surf Mud + Zinc, which combines SPF 30 with anti-inflammatory cocoa and glides on like a clear balm, was “inspired by ancient Mayan chocolate masks,” says Gohara. Bonus: It can also be used to protect the scalp and hair.

Bacon hydrates head to toe with Monk Oil “crafted only at the new and full moons.” This blend of avocado, apricot kernel, cedar, lavender, and rose otto oils is enhanced with flower essences (yarrow, arnica, echinacea) and rose quartz crystal.

Odacité Ac+R Youthful Glow facial serum “delivers the potent antioxidant effects of acai berries, boosted by calming rose oil,” says Chiu, who recommends applying a few drops to damp skin (to maximize absorption) before bed.

Not only does zinc-based Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30 guard against UVA and UVB, it’s “packed with antioxidants like carotenoids that defend against oxidative damage, which can cause premature aging,” Chiu says.

Chamomile- and calendula-powered Weleda Skin Food “does it all,” according to Dreadon. For an on-the-go minifacial, she spritzes on Avène Thermal Spring Water and then liberally applies the moisturizer “to leave skin luminous.”

“Ideal for dehydrated, sensitive, or rosacea-prone skin,” says dermatologist Annie Chiu, MD, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Luminous Melting Cleanser is infused with redness-reducing lavender as well as sunflower seed oil, which “helps repair the skin barrier.”

The exfoliator that leaves Bandier’s skin “cleaner and smoother” than any other? Alpha and beta hydroxy Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength, which contains brightening citrus and willow bark–derived salicylic acid.

Tela Curly Conditioner not only quenches dryness with organic Solomon’s seal, marshmallow root, and plantain; Corbett says his clients swear “their color doesn’t fade as quickly when using it.”

Bacon fakes full, beachy hair with just a couple of spritzes of Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Spray, which adds volume with Pacific Ocean salt and moisturizes with organic aloe vera and sea kelp extract.

A simple blend of gardenia, palo santo, and ungurahua nut oil, Rahua Elixir Daily Hair Drops “soften hair, smooth flyaways, and provide shine,” says Elisabeth Lovell, co-owner of Brooklyn’s Whiteroom salon.

Free of silicones and glutens, Reverie Shampoo imparts gloss and strengthens strands with what hair stylist James Corbett calls “nursing ingredients,” such as neroli oil, that support healthy follicles.

Blades adds a scoop of Sun Potion Ashwagandha root—purported to support endocrine function and minimize hormonal spikes—into a smoothie or a cup of tea every morning.

A favorite of the ELLE Beauty team, Livon Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C delivers “one of the most potent antiaging antioxidants ,” says Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of California health mecca Moon Juice; its gel form is easier for the body to absorb than traditional pills or powders.

Moon Juice Probiotics powder with 5 billion CFUs, or units of active bacteria, “restores our biologic equilibrium,” Gohara says, “which helps to foster digestive and, yes, skin health.”

The 18 Best Green Beauty Products of 2016 – Best Natural Organic Beauty Products

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There is way too much information out there to process each season; with designers and magazines frantically throwing bags at us hoping for something to catch on, how can we distinguish the crap from the gems? Well I have taken it upon myself once again to guide you through the mess, I mean the looks of the season (my husband says I am nosy but I maintain I am HELPFUL!)5 tips to update your Fall Bag Wardrobe1. Bold Color – Do not be afraid of electric blue (like the Jimmy Choo clutch we’re giving away) or this fire engine red Lanvin bag! These bold colors will instantly take you from drab to fab this Fall! Lanvin at Barneys New York.2. Geometric Shape – Modern and sleek, a square tote or clutch will keep you up to date. We love this ‘Flash clutch’ from Sang A (a designer you will read more about later)!3. Patent – A bit of glossy shine is a surefire way to spark up an old outfit. The Mulberry purple patent leather tote is surprisingly wearable and affordable $995. Mulberry available at Net-a-Porter. Anya Hindmarch Lautner and Lapnack navy patent bags are also fab for Fall!4. Metallic – Your silver Lanvin bag from last spring will still work through Fall, punch it up with a fuschia dresss and black tights and you’ll be ready to rock for Fall! 5. Exotic Skin – Crocs mihalis , anaconda/pythons, lizards and ostrich, pick one or all, you can’t go wrong! Frugal snobs can opt for leather embossed croc to get the same look.So remember:#1: Go Bold with Color!#2: Geometric Shapes will modernize your wardrobe.#3: Shine on with patent leather!#4: Keep last season’s metallic.#5: Go Exotic with ostrich or a lux Valextra croc!Bag Snob note: Remember, you do not have to buy new things each season to stay current. Shop your own bag wardrobe (or your mother’s!) before you run out to the mall! You will be surprised at how many unique finds you will come up with. Vintage stores are also chock full of inexpensive treasures (especially crocodile bags from the ’50s and ’60s!), just make sure you check for stains and tears before purchasing.Lastly, it is not WHAT you carry but HOW you carry it! Be confident and throw some sass in your attitude and you will be Absolutely Snob-ulous every season!

What great tips Tina, as usual. Do you think the YSL Rive Gauche in taupe ostrich would be a good investment? A classic that last years or ?

LOVE the Lanvin bag! So much better than the new faded patent Prada in red.

Love your blog by the way!


The Rive Gauche in taupe ostrich is a wonderful investment! Go for it! It is already a classic in our book.

I agree with the rive gauche in taupe ostrich – fabulous!

Great tips as usual, s!

I love when you do a punch-list of items. Tell your husband that you are very helpful!

I really love the YSL bags.I have the python Downtown and I am so pleased with it.The Rive Gauche is a wonderful bag too.

Hi Tina, I am new here. Just wondering how much is the Rive Gauche in taupe ostrich approximately?

I love that these are tips (with the exception of exotic skins) that can be applied to any budget!

For Amelia-

It’s 4,995 and it comes in more colors!

I love Lanvin! Unfortunately, I don’t see a huge selection here in the Chicago area. Lately I’ve decided I prefer to see some of these bags in person before I order them…hopefully someday they will open a boutique here. Otherwise I’ll have to wait until my next trip to NYC.

Wonderful tips! Those types of bags are definitely going to be the must have for the upcoming fall/winter season. I’m still scared of patent bags because I don’t think I could pull them off without making the bag itself look cheap, but they’re still to die for!

In my opinion I think that exotic skin never goes out of style or class VERY CHIC.. I like the varieties of bags you put in the post replica designer prada bags , I really don’t like to look at a women carry big bags that are almost touching the ground . Ridiculous ,,,Also leather that looks like vinyl or plastic bag Its a big no no .

I love your lists! So very helpful indeed!

Is it possible for you to ship to Singapore ?



Shopping Fall 2007 – 5 tips to update your Bag Wardrobe

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With my previous gf, it was once per week or two weeks. She said she disliked them. I couldn stop thinking about them every day, and counted the days since the last one. On the other hand, overdoing it is really possible, and some things are just better left in the hands of expert professionals.TIP! Schedule your reception for midday. People don tend to overdo it on the alcohol during this time of day, which saves you money on beer.If there will be no dinner served for the guests, you can use that free space for renting various furniture to ensure a comfortable evening among the crowd. Furnishing the location with chaise lounges or comfortable sectionals can lead to a greater level of interaction between your guests.

moncler outlet sale Beyond that Allen is immensely talented. He can shoot the lights out and has some ball handling and play making ability. moncler outlet He’s also pretty athletic and plays with an edge. No links to personal facebook / twitter / instagram / etc. I could not eat in a crowded restaurant unless I had an alcohol buzz. My cardiologist put me on a beta blocker and eventually changed me to moncler outlet jackets bystolic. moncler outlet sale

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moncler mens jackets Started last January in time for the Women’s March, Just Nips provides synthetic nipples that you can wear over your bra or over your nipples. The product “cements the idea that women can and should do whatever they want,” Borman told me over the phone. In this moncler outlet online case, “whatever they want” means making random people in public think you’re not wearing a bra for empowerment or something. moncler mens jackets

cheap moncler jackets The Little Brit Jughead Jones x ReaderI finish unpacking the last box before I officially moved cheap moncler jackets in to my new home in Riverdale. I glance around my room, grab the last empty boxes and bounce down the stairs greeting my parents as they unpack kitchen the last of them, I breath out placing the empty boxes on the kitchen bench. My stomach grumbles, I haven moncler outlet eaten much since moncler outlett the flight if you count an apple and a few crackers as food.why don you go get some dinner from the diner we drove past? I heard they do excellent burgers! I shrug my shoulders.I just get my coat. cheap moncler jackets

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moncler outlet This was the first big name luxury hotel brand to open cheap moncler coats in the theme park capital of the world, ushering in a new level of resort sophistication. It remains extremely popular with families, who make up more than 50 per cent of visitors at peak periods. It comes as little surprise then that there are extensive children’s facilities and activities as part of the Ritz Kids programme, although it comes at a price: $17 (11) an hour per child moncler outlet.