Eventually, the time came when I had to decide what I wanted

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moncler outlet sale Cue months of intensive self healing, learning to knit and watching the cheap moncler jackets wholesale entire back catalogue of Gilmore Girls in a worryingly short amount of time.Time, and the love of incredible friends, healed not all, but made the idea of leaving the house seem like a viable prospect. Eventually, the time came when I had to decide what I wanted the rest of my life to look like.I was never the little girl who pushed dolls around the garden, but I knew I wanted children at some point. moncler outlet ny And after a lot of contemplation, I knew I wanted these children to be genetically mine.I had also adopted the motto, ‘make good life decisions’.Revelling moncler jackets outlet in my newly unearthed independence and perspective, I wanted to make sure I didn’t settle with a new and equally unsuitable partner purely due to the fear that if I didn’t find someonestraight away, I would miss the child having boat.Andso, two weeks ago, I froze my eggs at a private clinic.I have not frozen my eggs to delay having children, to ‘get me off the hook’ or to try and read this article bypass the reality of my dwindling fertility.After my initial consultation with the doctor, I had blood tests to check for any infectious diseases and to determine my ‘ovarian reserves’.A test for anti mullerian hormone (AMH) gives you an idea of your potential fertility, and your doctor can then tell you how this compares to other people your age.I then had to get used to internal scans that go that’s right up your vagina. moncler outlet sale

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