Binomial Tree Option Pricer (Excel VBA

Sign in / Join NowSummaryIn a previous article, I reviewed 3 top ETFs that provided coverage of the total international market in a single ETF.However, the total international market can be broken into two categories; developed and emerging markets.In this article, I explain why an investor may choose to focus on developed markets, and feature 3 top ETFs with which to do so.Every investor desirous of developing an ETF based portfolio does well to start by selecting a few core holdings. In my view, such holdings should offer what I have previously described as the “solid anchors” of low expenses and diversification.Note to New Readers: If you are new to the “ETF Monkey Focus” series of articles, please see this article for some helpful introductory information. It highlights the criteria I used for ETFs to be included in the series as well as common features that I hope will make these articles very useful tools for an investor as they begin their research.

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iphone 8 case (NYSE:ENB) and TransCanada Corp. (NYSE:TRP) are already “C” Corps, according to Bloomberg, and other MLP’s are considering making the transition.I use several Closed End MLP Funds as part of my “Cash Flow Investing” Strategy. The lowest yield now is 11.00+ and the highest yield is just over 13.00% for the two funds that pay monthly. iphone 8 case

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