He trailed Max Muncy of the Dodgers 12 4 with 2:20 left

Knew that he had the home crowd behind him. He trailed Max Muncy of the Dodgers 12 4 with 2:20 left, then peeled off six homers in 47 seconds before calling a timeout.Harper returned to hit three more home runs in 22 seconds, the last of them inside the right field foul pole.The semifinal matchup between Schwarber and Philadelphia Rhys Hoskins went down to the final swing. After stunning top seed Jesus Aguilar of Milwaukee in the opening round, the eighth seeded Hoskins ripped 20 long balls to put the pressure on Schwarber.Using a late surge, Schwarber pulled one ball after another over the right field wall to squeeze out a 21 20 victory by far the highest scoring matchup of the night.The fans dutifully cheered most home runs during the first round, but they saved their loudest cheers for Harper, the last player to step to the plate.After Freeman hit 12 home runs over the 4 minute span, Harper unleashed six shots of at least 440 feet and secured the victory with a drive to center long before the clock expired.

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