Sometimes its worth taking a second look at a startup a few months after we cover their initial launch to see how things are going. We first covered Israeli startup 5min back in May. The site is a sort of YouTube for short user generated instructional videos.

And there are some indications that it may be taking off. The company says 2 million videos were watched in August, and traffic is doubling month to month.

The video embedded above is a good example of the kind of content that you can find on the site – short, amateur videos that might actually be very helpful to various niches of people. There are videos on scores of subjects – dog training, cooking, working out, fashion (tying a tie, coloring you hair, etc.), playing instruments, parenting, etc. More good content is added daily.

And some of the videos are racking up decent view numbers, although it’s still peanuts compared to YouTube.

Part of the attraction of the service is more than the sign they’ve hung on the door saying people should upload instructional videos. The player also has special controls that are made for instructional videos, including freeze frame, slow motion, accompanying storyboards, and various language subtitles.

We’re keeping an eye on them to see if the growth rates and user adoption continues. In the meantime, I’ll be practicing those breakdancing moves.

Via Techcrunch

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