An established gaming network got bought this week, but we’re far more interested in the newcomers. Lately, many web developers have been taking their games to the next level with ajax, social networking and mashups of social sites like Flickr. Here are more than 90 of our favorites – feel free to add your own.



Statetris– A tetris-like game in which the goal is to piece together American states instead of shapes.

WeBoggle– An addictive, customizable, entirely html and javascript/ajax based, multi-player scrabble like game. The goal is to assemble words from a board in a time limit; high score lists are mapped out against other players.

Chihuahua– Another word game where you assemble as many words as you can with the letters given, however you must always make use of the middle, highlighted, letter.

Linez – A puzzle game in which your goal is to score as high as possible by lining up five or more pieces on the 9×9 board.

Just Letters– A “fridge” with magnetic letters; every player moves them around simultaneously attempting to form words.

MorfikChess– A highly sophisticated chess game built for your browser entirely in javascript and ajax.

MorfikPong– Built like MorfikChess, but for an implementation of the classic arcade game, Pong.

MineSweeper– Another one built by MorikLabs, this time, for another classic game, MineSweeper.

SinkMyShip– An ajax-based, real time strategy multi-player implementation of Battleship.

Sudoku Slam– An ajaxy implementation of traditional Sudoku puzzles for the web, much more fun than a pen and paper.

Sudoku Solver– A “game” which helps you solve those Sudoku puzzles you just can’t get, enter the numbers you know and it’ll solve it for you.

The Daily Headhunt– Utilizing ajax and javascript for a game in which you decipher real world headlines by means of a word-search process.

64Pola – Chess– An ajax-based chess game.

Bunny Hunt IV– An ajax-based game in which you destroy bunnies.

64squares– Customizable, ajax-based chess game.

Ajax Chess– A lightweight, ajax-based, Chinese Chess game.

Ajax Tetris– Another ajax-based game, this time, Tetris.

Grand Strategy– Risk-clone built entirely on ajax.

Social Gaming


Weewar– A round based, multi-player strategy game where up to 6 players control their “pixel armies” on a map-board, much like the classic strategy board game Risk.

Kdice Another Risk-like online strategy game in which your goal is to eventually be in command of all the territories, slightly more “realistic” than Weewar.

Connect 4 – A multi-player, online version of the classic board game.

Geosense-A multi-player geography quiz.

TripleJack Poker– A free, multi-player poker game with no gambling involved.

Pictaps– A slightly odd game where you paint a character in a multiplayer virtual world; it’s slightly addictive, but insanely odd.

Vox Imperium– A multi-player strategy game based on conquest, control and diplomacy.

Wabble– A multi-player Scrabble clone for your browser, works quite well.

Grand Strategy– One more Risk-based strategy game, more true to the game’s roots.

Trendio – A stock-market “game” where you predict and trade words in the news.

TheBroth– An art-creation game, but with a twist, you’re placed in a room with 1000 tiles which can be moved simultaneously by all players; the result is sometimes amazing artwork.

Solitaire Craving– A free solitaire challenge everyday. When a registered member completes a challenge, they then rate its difficulty which is averaged in order to provide an accurate description for all players.

Alexadex– Trade website “shares” in real time, aiming to make as much money as possible, just like the real stock market.

The Tech Buzz Game– Another game based on some sort of virtual stock market, this one, by Yahoo, utilizes the trade of popular technological buzzwords as “shares”.

Flower Maker– Using petal styles, colors, and ajax, you can assemble flowers. These can then be saved and added to the community garden, or even emailed to whoever you’d like.

Tradeover– A virtual stock market game in which players trade real world stocks and currencies given an initial amount of 1 million USD.

Might & Magic– A strategy MMORPG much like World of Warcraft.

Babble– An interactive scrabble-like game.

Alexadex– Buy and sell shares in websites, instead of companies.

Arcaplay– An interactive social gaming community.

Blocksavvy– A more mature version of the popular children’s site, Habbo.

Blufr – General knowledge multiplayer trivia.

Faketown– Create, manage, and trade virtual assets in a pixelated environment.

Gamerankings– Vote for as well as rank your favorite games on all platforms.

Gmworldwar – Yet another Risk-like multiplayer maps mashup.

Guildcafe – Free guild-hosting for MMORPG, FPS, and RTS clans and guilds.

Gunzonline – Shoot, stab, run and jump in the world’s biggest shooting-based MMORPG.

Inkling – Using social trends as shares in an environment similar to the stock market, useful for trendy people and market researchers alike.

Ispott – The world’s largest social, mobile, scavenger hunt.

Itsdex – Web popularity game; trade and rank popular websites, predict their rise and fall.

Kdice – Multi-player strategy mashup game using Google’s web tool-kit.

Megabuzz – Participate in web 2.0 buzz games and win prizes.

Millionsofgames – Review, rate and share various online games.

Mobspray – Create and share graffiti in virtual places through mobile2RFID.

Multitap – Share, rate, discuss and categorize screenshots.

Pickspal– Compete with friends on fantasy sports bets.

Robinfood– Subscribe to the gameshow, donate; if you win, you have the chance to give 1 million dollars to charity.

Rupture– Publish your WoW profile and connect to other gamers. A “social network for gamers”.

Sf0 – A collaborative production game where you build characters by completing various tasks for the community.

Sploder– Create your own flash games and share them on the web, play others’ games as well.

Spore– A game based on user generated gameplay and characters.

Synthravels– Virtual travel agency to the gaming world.

Theburgg– Draw a scene from a movie and have the community guess which one.

Trivionomy– Create, edit and play your own trivia games, as well those from others.

Votigo– Create and share your own video or photo contest.

Weblo– Make money and build assets in a virtual world.


Flickr Mashups


PhotoMunchrs– A grid of several flickr photos is given with a corresponding word; the goal is to “munch” and click on 7 photos tagged with that word.

Fillustrator– Type a short story and this tool will illustrate it with appropriately tagged photos for each word from Flickr.

Flicktionary– The goal is to guess the tag or title of a photo; once you’ve guessed close, it will give you more hints with additional photos.

Fastr– Loads a group of ten flickr images all sharing one common tag; you have to guess what that is. The faster you guess, the more points you get.

Flagrantdisregardcardgame – Create customizable trading cards from your flickr photos.

Phrasr – A flickr mashup in which you add photos to phrases.

Google Mashups


Real World Racer– This “real world racing game” is a google maps mashup where you simply race opponents through checkpoints upon the satellite imagery of a real location. There’s even a choice of tracks, from Boston to Paris.

Wings– Yet another Google maps mashup where you fly as an eagle, virtually anywhere in the world, climbing, diving, and catching thermals to stay aloft.

Googles– Again, using google maps, Goggles is a flight simulator in which you can fly freely in virtual skies.

Google Image Labeler– Help Google categorize its images and have fun in the process. You’re paired with with someone else and shown images to label: guess the same labels as your partner to score.

Brewster Jennings Protects– You’re an undercover CIA agent trying to save America. The game makes good use of Google Maps while navigating you through various clues on your journey.

Googlefight – A “fighting” game in which the winner is the word entered with the most search results on Google.

Guess-the-google – The game presents you with a bunch of images (all Google image search results for a specific term) – you have to guess the search term in a limited amount of time.

Maps-quiz – Given a satellite image sourced from Google maps, guess where in the world it is.

Montage-a-google – A google images mashup, tag-based photo montage.

GMRisk-Another Risk-based game, this one’s a Google mashup.

Other Mashups

Microsoft Live Derby– A flash-based, but nevertheless, live-search maps “mashup” game. It’s a Pacman type game in which you pick up tokens, avoiding other cars, whilst driving upon the map’s satellite imagery.

TagMan– Combining classic hangman with web 2.0 tags from technorati, squidoo,, and flickr for quite a fun experience.

Dynamiskt Memory Spel– Just enter a term, and the game will search through the yahoo images database and present you with 15 compatible images that are used in a simple memory game.

Averageshoveler– A mashup combining play with RSS feeds.

Memory – A Yahoo images memory game mashup.


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