Test scris la Limba engleza

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I. Read the text below and decide where these sentences fit. Match each number in the text with a letter corresponding to the right sentence.
a. As soon as we reached the point, we stopped the engine and got out our fishing lines.
b. The can wasn’t there and he didn’t remember putting it on the boat.
c. The sun was shining and the sea was calm when we climbed into the little motor boat tied to the quayside.
d. For a few moments I thought the boat was going to go past us, so we stood up and shouted.
e. While we were discussing where to head for, we realised, to our horror, that the wind was blowing and the sea was getting quite rough.
Our first fishing trip of the summer was a memorable affair. My brother Peter and I got up at dawn and packed our fishing equipment. (1) …. . We knew that we wouldn’t be able to go back in again until the evening high-tide, so we had prepared a picnic and taken some bottles of drink.
(2) …. . We were beginning to get bored, things started to move a bit further out to sea. That was when things started to go wrong. As we were getting the lines ready again, Peter stood on a fishing hook and got it stuck in his foot. When he sat down with a bump, the boat started to rock violently and the picnic basket fell overboard. Peter asked me to get the hook out of his foot, so I fiddled with it in vain until he cried out to me to stop because of the pain. Poor Peter was very shaken and he lay on his back in the bottom of the boat until he felt better.
We didn’t feel very much like fishing any more, so we decided to go back to the beach. I started the engine, but I found out we had run out of petrol. Peter opened the storage chest to get out the spare petrol can we always take with us. He looked puzzled for a moment, then he looked alarmed. (3) …. . We had no choice but to row back, and that would take us hours.
(4) …. . We felt really worried when we discovered that the life-jackets weren’t on the boat either. We rowed towards the nearest beach, but after about twenty minutes we still didn’t seem to be getting any closer.
Just as we were getting frightened, a fishing boat appeared round the point. (5) …. . The people on the boat saw us, and as soon as it was close enough, the fishermen threw us a rope and towed us back to the harbour. We were so relieved that we just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

II. Ask questions to the underlined words in the text above.

III. Give the definition of the word boat.

IV. Choose the correct definition.
1. to run out of = a) to secretly leave a place where you should stay
b) to use all of something and not have any left

2. rough = a) difficult to travel on
b) able to move fast

3. towards = a) in a particular direction
b) nearer the front

V. Write short sentences to show how the writer and her brother felt at these times:

1. When things started to go wrong.
2. When Peter couldn’t find the spare petrol can.
3. When they discovered that the life-jackets weren’t on the boat.
4. When a fishing boat appeared round the point.

VI. Last month you went on a trip to the mountains. Write about the preparations (list, packing) you made before leaving, and the main points on the agenda. Give your composition a title. Write about 150 (+ 10) words.

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