Here is a little experiment with some very interesting results I did to see if I could get listed in Googles search engine in under 48 hours, best of all for FREE.

Step 1. First you will need a good keyword. Pick something that you feel you could easily find content for on the internet, which is just about anything.

Step 2. Do a little research on google to see how many people have relative content for that keywood showing up in the listings. For example if you choose “Game Copy Software” you will notice in the upper right hand side of the search results about 33,800,000 pages found for that keyword combination. Thats a pretty competative combination. Try several untill you can get the results down to about 10 -20 thousand without having to use more than 3 or 4 keywords in your combination. As an example I chose “Celebrity Coochie Pop”. I know it sounds weird but hay it worked.

Step 3. I set up a blogger blog, for FREE I might add, then found some recent and relative pictures on the web and added them to my new blogger site at

Step 4. You will want to add a widget on the side bar, I recommend to use the new feature called “Newsreel”. I typed in “celebrity gossip” and added it to the side bar which will show current information on that particular search topic so you now have some current and ever-changing content on your new blogger site.

Step 5. Add a few more widgets to your side bar which there are plenty to choose from in blogger called “add a page element” like, pictures, video, lists,link, and yes even Adsense plus a whole lot more and you pretty much have a good start.

Step 6. Here is the best part. Go to Spicy Page and join, yes its FREE too, add your new blogger site to their listings. Once again this all FREE to set up.

Step 7. Sit back with a cup of coffee and wait. Within about 24 – 48 hours. I had the number 4 spot listed in google with the search term “Coochie Pop”, and “Celebrity Coochie” in 48 hours after submission.

Im sure anyone wanting to test this experimant can find a better keyword than I did, but the concept is still the same. I plan to experiment a little further so if you decide to do a search result on google you may find my site has moved around in the ranks a bit. Either way I would be interested in your comments and results on any tests you try.

Have fun and hope this helps spark some interest in blogger which is a great program. You can find any NEW information on my results of this test at my blog site

Good Luck

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